B+Z|Recognized by world leading expanding machine manufacturers – WEDOLIT expander oil

2019-07-26 13:38:32

In 2019, B+Z further accelerated the expansion of its product line with keen market insight. In the pipeline manufacturing industry, a strategic cooperation was established with WEDOLIT in Germany. B+Z introduced WEDOLIT expansion oil, which is recognized by the world's three largest expansion machine manufacturers SMS Group, Haeusler AG and Iprolam SA, to enter the Chinese market and serve the pipeline industry in China.

The WEDOLIT EP 540 and WEDOLIT EP 760E introduced by B+Z are high-viscosity, high-performance special oils based on natural esters and mineral oils and developed according to the highest technical standards of the pipe industry. The products have been certified by the expansion machine manufacturers SMS Meer and Fontijne Grotnes worldwide and recommended by the manufacturer for the expansion machines of Haeusler and Iprolam. 


In the pipeline production process

the annular sprinkler sprays the expander oil for pipeline cleaning.

When the expander oil is used to produce large-diameter steel pipes such as natural gas and petroleum pipelines, the sliding surface and the guide rail of the expanding machine head are lubricated under extremely high surface pressure. WEDOLIT EP 540 and WEDOLIT EP 760E are simple to apply and do not require dilution and can be directly applied to processing. The product is self-emulsifying and can be easily removed with water. These two products can be used not only for pre-cleaning and subsequent cleaning of pipes, but also for cleaning the head of the expansion machine, effectively removing dirt and grease, and are compatible with coatings and other products.

Furthermore, expander oil is extremely friendly to the environment. After the treatment with appropriate additives, the product can be decomposed into water and oily waste, and the decomposed water is recyclable, which is a very important feature for increasingly stringent environmental standards in manufacturing.


Moreover, the properties of the expander oil are splendid in application:


Extremely high oil film (lubrication) stability under load


Smooth surface adhesion, good wear resistance


Effectively prevents stick-slip and is easy to wash or emulsify


The emulsion formed by the product is stable and easy to decompose after processing

WEDOLIT EP 760E also enhances the forming properties of stronger, thicker material tubes


Ultrasonic inspection in welding phase


Hydrostatic tester

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