B+Z | Keeps up with the rapid development of the automotive industry

2019-04-25 13:57:52

The 11th Transmission Symposium China (TMC2019) was successfully held at Shanghai Marriott Hotel Parkview from April 19 to 20, 2019.
This event provided 48 reports, 68 companies participated in product and service exhibition, and 761 delegates attended the meeting. Regarding the content of speeches and panel discussions, this conference is closely related to the hot topics and development trends in the industry. B+Z attended the grand gathering of transmission and drive technology, in the meantime gained a deep understanding of the latest automotive industry trends and market dynamics, and listened to insights from leading automotive industry experts.


As an anti-rust specialist from Germany, B+Z focuses on the corrosion protection of automotive parts. A series of anti-rust products exhibited at this seminar, such as BRANOrost R/U anti-rust paper, BRANOfol M1/M3/R3 anti-rust film, BRANOrost Chips, BRANOtect AIII anti-rust liquid, BRANOrol 32-10 anti-rust oil, etc., has attracted many professionals in the automobile manufacturing industry.


Convenient, efficient, and reduced production costs are the advantages of rust-proof products for industrial products. We can provide customized services according to the needs of customers. VCI anti-rust film/bag, anti-rust paper, anti-rust box and sheet will continuously release a small amount of rust inhibitor, form a gas protective layer in the package, and cooperate with desiccant and other products to effectively and reliably inhibit the corrosion of metal products. There is a wide range of applications of VCI anti-rust products especially in the automotive parts industry.


This attendance at the symposium is another step taken by B+Z to forge ahead and further take root and expand anti-rust products application in the automotive industry. Not only must we open a broader market, but we must also grasp the market share of the segment. B+Z always pays attention to its own progress, and seeks the positive development of enterprises.